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BBU® Safety Foldable Masks
BBU® Safety masks are designed to fit every face perfectly. The bands that can be adapted to the head and nose clip allows for a hermetic seal that makes it nearly impossible for particles to penetrate the mask.
The materials used to manufacture the mask make it comfortable to wear for the worker and reduces humidity. This ensures that it is easy to breathe and offers a high level of protection.
Breathing masks are delivered folded and individually packed in hygienic plastic bags. This makes it easy to always keep the masks clean.
The shape and design of our masks insure that they are comfortable, they offer a good field of vision and they have a perfect fit.
If the worker uses protective glasses, this contributes to that the never gets fogged.
The holders of the elastic bands have different colors to make it easy to recognize what level of protection is worn.

Only the best materials
BBU® Safety’s breathing masks have a unique selection of materials which efficienly protect you from breathing in any harmful substance.

One step betten than standard
All masks have been tested with very good results and meet the requirements of EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 by a large margin.

Easy to breath and talk
An optimum combination of filter materials makes it easy to breathe and talk through the mask.